Hi all, my name is Mia Swanegan. I am a junior Strategic Communication major with an emphasis in PR and a minor in Business at West Virginia University. My life consists of school work and collegiate volleyball but when I get a break from those two hanging out with friends and catching up on Netflix are the go to.

The blog #YoungAdulting will be all about how to “adult” while young. This blog will be geared toward women and men between the ages of 18-25 years of age. Posts on #YoungAdulting will cover topics like making an efficient grocery list, focusing your daily energy on positive things, saving funds, fitness, etc. Some weeks the posts will consist of interviews from friends of mine who are just about to be in college, those who are in college like myself and those who are a couple years out of college along with the experiences they have encountered.

Being a young adult myself at the age of 20, I decided, “Why not write about what I truly know along with the personal experiences I have to go along with?”. So here I start with bringing my personal experiences and thoughts to the internet in hopes of helping people who may be wondering how to figure some things out.

You can find me at:

Twitter-  @YoungAdulting

Instagram- Mia Swanegan