Summertime Fun

Brb while I go grab my friends…!

Well folks, the best time of the year has come around again. The time where you can be carefree of all school work responsibilities for approximately 3 months. The ultimate question is; what does your summer entail?

Seeing as we are…#YoungAdults, we most likely don’t have all the funds in the world so an extravagant summer vacay might be out of the picture. Although, by now hopefully we have realized things don’t have to be out of this world expensive to still be fun. After all, the little things are what mean the most.

Google is one of the best tools out there and with it, possibilities seem near endless. Out of curiosity, I simply googled “fun summer activities for college students” and 61,900,000 results came up. Fastweb has a really cool article titled “12 Summer Bucket List Ideas for College & Grad Students” and their top 5 suggestions include:

  1. Go to concerts
  2. Plan a stay-cation
  3. Relax on a beach
  4. Read some classics
  5. Visit a friend you haven’t seen in a while

These all sound super fun and would without a doubt be a blast. Others could include a road trip with your friends, go to an amusement park or even setting up an outdoor theatre in your backyard and enjoying a movie under the stars. If you have a good sense of imagination, then you could do just about whatever you please.

So grab your friends, hit the road, and soak in the memories because these will last a lifetime.






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