Get Out While You Can


In our world today, containing a passport as a young adult seems more common than not. Throughout college you may get the chance to study abroad whether it be because you’re studying a foreign language or your studies just take you there.

While talking on the phone the other day with my mother she said “Have fun while you’re young. Go travel and live in different places as the opportunity comes to you because staying in your comfort zone and living where you know may sound ideal now, but you don’t want to live with regret later on…”. Although I have been fortunate enough to grow up in a household where both my parents pushed the thought of exploring the world, others didn’t and to me it seems kind of odd. Always do what you want to do because in the end your happiness is what matters.

“ I started traveling out of the country at a young age, maybe around 12 or 13, so I really got to see the world and see that other people do things differently, and that is ok. I believe it kind of molded me a lot, into kind of doing my “own thing” even if it different then what people are doing here in the USA, because people are doing things differently everywhere. I would recommend it to everyone because, it is good to experience and accept people from other countries…”

Katelyn Evans

Now that we have the idea of travel down, taking the steps are the next part. These easy steps (may) include:

Once these are all marked off, the only thing left to do is live and document! Some choose photos while others choose to write in a journal or both.

Sometimes ideas may not come as quickly as you’d hope and that is why Google is so glorious. The website, StarPulse, has a really neat article on 16 Affordable Places to Go If You’re Young, Broke and Want to Travel the World. Highlighted are all these beautiful places outside of the country (hints the possible necessity of a passport) and the priciest thing they state might be your flight cost. When you hear things like this, there is more enticement to further research.

If your struggle may be money, then its time to save up! No one is made of such thing so it is a realistic problem you might run into. Whether it be putting a certain amount into savings each paycheck, not spending that birthday money or simply asking for money as a Christmas gift, there are ways to make it happen.

Those who have made out of country travels say that it was a life changing experience that they would definitely do again. Surrounding yourself in other people’s culture and lifestyle can also be an eye-opening experience that we may need.

“I would say traveling out of the country is a life changing experience and yes i would suggest for others to go. It helps because there’s no phone service, so you feel like you’re in a completely different world. There’s so many types of beautiful parts about the U.S, but the landscape, the way of life, and the culture is so cool to experience in Europe.”

Gianna Gotterba


Be you, be true, have fun, live life.