Bye Bye…Netflix?


As much as we all love to binge watch our favorite shows on the weekend, I mean Netflix is basically our best friend, we all know it isn’t the best thing for us to do. I’m not just bringing this up in hopes to get you all outside more often (unfortunately) but, I am saying this for your mental state

According to an article on the Huffington Post, sitting in front of your television for 5 hours or more can have the following effects on you.

Overall, if you use something to block another thing, you’re more than likely to feel worse later on.

Just because us millennials tend to be big into Netflix, Hulu, etc. doesn’t mean that we have to give it up all in all since it can have some negative effects. Instead we just need to learn how to do so in certain increments of time. We could try watching for a couple of hours, read and do homework or something along those lines, go back and watch some more. In a way it is a simple cycle that can be followed and altered however needed.

Through some of the downsides there are actually some benefits. Because cliffhangers leave us in a more heightened state excitement, it then carries over into your real life, which makes all of those other experiences much better/intense. With this being said, are you more inclined to watch more based off of the “feel good” or more turned away based off of the “feel bad”?

Since streaming is something we are so accustomed to, does it necessarily have the power to define us? If yes, is there something we can do to redefine ourselves. Not saying that we all partake in this guilty pleasure, but it is kind of nice. Always remember, it could be something worse…!