The Little Things Go A Long Way

Being young, we tend to take some, if not most, things for granted. When hard things come along in life, it really is a time to reflect upon what you care about the most.

A blog called Simply Fiercely, helps put those things into perspective. A post of hers that stands out is the one titled “4 Things Simplifying Has Taught Me about Gratitude”. It wasn’t something that was terribly long or a hard read but it was just right and took from her personal experiences. Number 2 on this post really stood out to me.

Life is all about living positively and if you do then it will be that more enjoyable. From time to time you tend to stumble along people who are “the grumpiest people I’ve ever met” or those who “always have that look on their face” … you know what I’m talking about… but, the key to a happier life seems to be gratitude.

Now, I don’t entirely agree with this statement in that being the number one thing but, I would say that it is in the top two along with love (how cliché right?). With that being said, Jennifer makes 3 other great points that will help you toward a happier, more positive lifestyle.

As humans, some of us may be more emotional than others, mentally stronger than others, etc. but one thing we do have in common are the occasional break downs from stress or the “world ending” situation which turns out to be quite minimal after all. So what you didn’t get the same kind of gifts as your friend did, or so what that your sibling got more than you did. Her blog really points people to be appreciative of the intangible instead of the tangible that we all crave.

So some days you must realize that a nice self-reflection could be beneficial for not only you but also for those who tend to be around you the most. These words aren’t asking you to change, rather to reflect and see what you can change or lose. You may come to look back upon yourself in a couple of years and think “I am so glad I took a moment of self reflection and learned to appreciate the smaller things in life”.


“Sometimes the most happy people in life are the ones with nothing. We can’t lose sight of the little things in life that should make us the happiest.”

-Ryan Cabrera


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