Don’t Ever Hold Back

A lot of people live life on the safer side or the side of “what if”, and then end up looking back upon it thinking “why didn’t I do more?”.

The latest school year is coming to a close and so the time has come to ask yourself, “did I do all I wanted to?”. If the answer is no, it’s okay because you still have many years ahead of you to kick some tail and live free. If the answer was yes, then congratulations, you’ve nailed something right.

Belle Renee has a blog titled “Too School for Cool” where she pretty much poems all of her thoughts out instead of just writing in paragraph after paragraph as we all tend to do. Something that really stood out was her poem, “Scintilla ’13 Horizons”. Here she reflects on “what have been the event horizons of your life – the moments from which there is no turning back?”, as much of a loaded question as that may be, it is one we must ask ourselves from time to time.

Starting all the way back from her junior year of high school, she states some of the most impactful “shot down” moments that have occurred in her life thus far from high school, to college, to an internship. At the moment of the internship is what changed something in her life and she decided to flip the script, be bold and not hold back. Sure, things at that moment were amazing but doesn’t mean that the rest of her years up until now have been purely picture perfect.

As much as I wanted to scroll past “Scintilla ’13 Horizons” something about it hooked me in as I hope it does to you all too. Maybe it is because it is so relatable and It makes you pause, think back on some things in your life that you wanted to push down and never bring up. Maybe as humans we need to stop dwelling on all of the not so perfect, not ideal moments and bring them back up to re-evaluate, and approach the next thing differently.

It is truly the accomplishment of finding/ figuring out ourselves that will bring us to our highest potential or take us to our soul mate. Whichever extreme it is; it is very possible if we believe it to be. In the end, we make the decisions for ourselves, we rule our outcome so it is time to change whatever we don’t like, sooner rather than later.

Not saying you need to find your true love for everything to change, make your “horizon” whatever makes you the happiest. Every life is different but that’s the beauty of it and part of what Belle Renee points out in some of her poems.

Check out Belle Renee


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