Here Is To Being Young At Heart

As #YoungAdults we all grew up in the era of amazing Disney Animated Pictures. Now as we have grown older, Disney decided to start this amazing idea of re-mastering the original films into real life characters. Bye-bye animation, hello humans.

Starting back in 2010, Disney released the live action version of “Alice in Wonderland” and everyone loved it. Although this film had a good amount of success, Disney waited until 2014 to release another. “Maleficent” of Sleeping Beauty came next, “Cinderella” in 2015, The “Jungle Book” in 2016 and next “Beauty and the Beast” on March 17th, 2017.

Back on November 14th, 2016, potential movie goers and major fans of the original animated film that debuted back in 1991 got their first glimpse of this 2017 adaptation and immediately wanted more. Since then Disney released two other trailers with the latest revealed on January 30th.

With it now being March 2nd, that means we all only have to wait 15 more days until opening weekend! (yes, there is a countdown going on). Some of you may be thinking “now wait, 15 days from today is the 17th, aka, St. Patrick’s day.”, you’re right BUT I’d say “Beauty and the Beast” deserves the front seat.

All across Twitter and Instagram you see pages expressing their excitement and honestly, that is what makes you even more excited yourself! Aside from E! telling us about the latest to drop, they also are including all of the “little” clips that have been revealed since all three trailers are already out in the open.

Earlier this week on the 28th of February and just yesterday on March 1st, Disney dropped the infamous “Gaston”scene as well as the “Dinner Invitation”. The only downside to these are that they are 43 seconds to a minute apiece which just isn’t enough.

Until the 17th comes, we will just be re-watching the classic, reminiscing on the great, and counting down the days (only two more weeks).

Here is to always being young spirits at heart!



One thought on “Here Is To Being Young At Heart

  1. Chelsea and I saw the extended preview at the theater last Sunday, and this movie looks like it won’t disappoint! It looks as if it will follow the script of the animated version, which is important. (And Lumiere is so cute!)


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