Sleep It Is

As #YoungAdults, we are always busy and kept up at night for what is to come the next day. Stress rules our lives ¾ of the time and sleep deprivation may be something that comes out of it.

Those who are college students know the struggle of studying for a major midterm, finishing a 6 paged essay, or even just completing the absolutely absurd assignments that your professor hands out. You tell yourself it is going to be fine, that only getting 3-4 hours of sleep one-night wont ruin you, but then a couple of weeks pass by and you find yourself there in the same exact situation again.

Although you may just think that you will be tired throughout the day and that’s it, it’s actually not. Sleep deprivation can have more effects on you than known. According to Health Line, sleep deprivation can potentially cause up to 16 issues throughout your body. From moodiness to high blood pressure and more in between.

This site provides great in-depth information on each of the 16 effects that a lack of sleep can bring. Health Line starts with an overview stating that when you are deprived of sleep, your brain can’t function properly, effecting your cognitive abilities and emotional state.

An article written by Harvard Medical School informs us that sleeping less than 5 hours per night increases your risk of death from all causes by 15 percent.

The above information may be a little startling but it’s real life and something we just tend to breeze over. So we may not have the days of a set bed time or our parents tucking us in at night anymore, but we are very much capable of taking care of ourselves because we are #YoungAdults.

There are many ways to increase productivity throughout your day or week to ensure a more solid night of sleep, but in the end it all comes down to each individual and what you want to do.

“Happiness increases productivity”   – Shawn Achor


–Remember, you can’t fully be happy without the correct amount of sleep!



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