Meal Prep For What It’s Worth

Being a #YoungAdult means that we are constantly on the move and may not always have time to pack a meal the night before or right when we wake up. To make it easier on all of our lives, we should consider meal prepping.

Although there are different forms of doing so, you can simply just meal prep for your days ahead instead of for a workout or trying to bulk up.

The positives that come out of meal prepping include saving money, availability of multitasking, grocery shopping will be fun, portion control will be learned and it isn’t considered all or nothing. What can seem like such a small task will really take you a long way. The biggest takeaways that I incurred from Active’s article are the saving money and multitasking benefits. As #YoungAdults, we are already on the move constantly from workouts, to class, to work or study hall then back home or to work, then the gym, and back home, etc. but no matter how we go about our day, it can be hard to squeeze in your meal time.

When people go grocery shopping for the week, it is typically so they don’t speed extra money when out and about on Panera, etc. or so that they know exactly what they’re taking into their bodies. With meal prepping for the next 3 days to a week, you will feel more under control of your life and not worrying about all of the extra calories or just what exactly is in your meal.

When the Active article pointed out saving money, it also pointed out that most people think eating heathy is far too expensive but that isn’t the case. When meal prepping you buy items in bulk then simply store the rest in your freezer for later use. On the multitasking side of things, it basically told you to use your time wisely. For example, when you are making dinner for the night, start packing your food for the next day so that instead of two clean ups you will just have one swift one.

Overall meal prepping can improve your health, help you not max out on your spending’s and test your limits in the kitchen.

Let’s get cooking!






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