It’s All About The Memories

As #YoungAdults, every now and then we have to put aside our homework and worries to just relax. Without relaxation we would become so overwhelmed and when you think that only one thing wouldn’t go right, just about everything will go wrong. Once you start to over think, that’s when you know you need a night in or out.

Just because you choose to relax and have fun doesn’t mean you have to blow your bank when doing so. To opt for a more financial friendly hangout time with friends, maybe choose to do one thing instead of two in one night.

If you choose to hang in, you could do a movie night, home cooked meal or order in takeout and see what is on TV. A classic go to is the home cooked meal because it’s in the comfort of your or one of your pal’s homes. When you decide to make a meal together, the positive is not spending a whole lot of money since you all split the price that the ingredients cost. A night like this will maybe cost you $10 but you get card games, food, and lots of laughs out of it and in the end that’s what it is really all about.

Opting for the actual night out could cost a little more. Depending on what you do, whether it is going to see a movie or going out to dinner, the minimum cost would be about $15 and only goes up from there. So every once in a while you could tell yourself “treat yo self” because after those really long weeks, maybe both a movie and dinner is needed.

Although sometimes having a great time with your friends involves spending some of your hard-earned money, it is worth it. In the end it is all about the memories you make along the way. Looking back on it there is no such thing as time travel so what happens in the present happens in the present. Let loose and have some fun, this is when all the inside jokes are made and laughter is to be had.

No one ever comes back from having a night in or out with their friends and regrets it so if you’re someone who thinks they done have enough memories made, go out and make more. If you’re someone who has too many to count, keep making more!

“There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship”

–  Thomas Aquinas




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