Spring Break 2K17

As Spring Break 2017 comes near, we can’t help but to want to venture out of the cold and into warm weather with sandy beaches. After countless hours of stress, studying, and lack of sleep brought on by mid-terms, we deserve this.

Throughout the school year you think about “where can I go to have a great amount of fun?” or “what can I do this year to top last years trip?” well, that is what outside sources are for as well as friends! This year my friends and I chose to have that “once in your college lifetime experience with spring break” and are going to St. Petersburg, FL. We are more than stoked to venture out but here is what most students typically do with their week of spring break.

Last March The Huffington Post released an article on the top 12 ranked places to go for spring break. Based off of their findings, here are the top 3 that sound the most fun.

  1. If you’re going for in a budget but warm weather filled with a lot to do, LA is the place to be. It is within the states and your activities can range from hiking to surfing or just catching some sun. LA has lots of unique food places to explore as well.


  1. If you’re wanting to expand your travel but still stay in warmth, the Bahamas may be the place for you. With over 700 islands there, your opportunities are endless.


  1. If you’re currently in college somewhere warm, then a change of temperature and going somewhere cold may be the right path for you. In that case, Colorado is the place for you. Snowboarding, Skiing and tubing are options for the day where great places to eat and nightlife in the evening.


The biggest thing when it comes down to your spring break prep is planning in advance. Nothing is worse than seeing a great round-trip deal on flights and hotel stay when you first start pondering the idea, but then seeing the prices rise while you try to make your decision is when it hurts your bank account.

At this point you may start to think “well maybe next year”, but before you know it that will be your excuse for next year. Right now we are young and we need to take advantage of it. Yes, we have obligations 9 out of the 12 months of the year but we must seize the opportunity while we can.

So grab your camera, 6 (or more) of your closest friends, and have the best time of your life because years down the road you don’t want to be sitting around wishing you had gone on your spring break of a lifetime!





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