Last night we hosted a Monday Night Men’s Basketball game against The University of Texas Longhorns and we came out victorious.

Although we may vary in and out of the top ten placements so far this season, there is a true reason why we are a team to contend with and our press has something to do with it. We are called PRESS VIRGINIA for a reason!

Clenching the 77-62 win over UT last night was another big win and hopefully the momentum will carry over into our match against TCU this upcoming weekend. Not only was the night all about the boys but we also announced who our next Mountaineer would be, so congratulations to Troy Clemons.



Coming off of the bench last night, Lamont West had a career high at halftime.


With such amazing plays made throughout the game last night, the boys were able to make an appearance on ESPN’s Sports Center.


Only one week remains until March which means that March Madness is near and it’s almost time to fill out the brackets. Going to a school that has an amazing basketball team makes the campus atmosphere that much more fun.








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