Make Saving Money a Mindset, Not a Goal

Before we became #YoungAdults, we may have had the thought that money grows on trees just because we hadn’t had to be responsible for things like paying bills, car notes or, for some of us, rent.

Just last night, I was at a student athlete forum at the WVU Alumni Center and one of the speakers there said “Believe it or not, these are the four easiest years of your life and you need to take advantage of it and have fun.”. Although we may think that having three exams and a paper due all within one week that we are going to die, but the reality is that it is only preparing us for what is to come.

It has always been said that once you graduate college you hit the ground running and nothing will ever be as easy as it once was. This is simply because you’re taking on the task of getting your first “real world” job as well as other finances coming in. Moral of the story is, your parents wont really be there to hold your hand through it all and make things better.

Since I haven’t yet personally had the experience of life as an adult after college I consulted my older sister, Payton Swanegan. Swanegan has been out of college for about two years now and, in my personal opinion, has been crushing the scene pretty well. She has shared some insight on what she believes is best when it comes to saving up and managing your financial income.

“Honestly, auto deposit has been a lifesaver. We get paid each week so I have a percentage of every check automatically deposited to my savings that way I don’t have to think about it and I wont miss the money because it never went to my checking. I’m by no means great at doing so and it’s a work in progress, but budgeting is also a big part of being smart. If you know you’re going to do something pretty expensive at the end of the month try to be money conscious and maybe bring lunch from home instead, don’t eat out, or skip happy hour on Friday.”.

When asked about saving in college she admitted that it was not an easy task.

“Saving in college is hard because if anything you’re working part time so you don’t get much, try to keep as much as you can.”.

Some words of wisdom left behind were, “just because you have the money don’t blow it. It’s fun to splurge every once and a while, but while you’re still used to living like you did in college, do it so you can save for your future.”

The future seems a little scary for someone like me, but I am glad that I have such a great sibling to look up to and one day follow along her same path.





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